The Confectioner Chronicles: The Complete Fantasy Mystery Series

Enter the world of the Confectioner’s Guild, an addictive fantasy mystery series brimming with royal intrigue, pulse-pounding romance, and delectable food magic

Read the series readers are calling:

“A delight for the palate and mind. A book that is nearly unquantifiable, it is a murder mystery, an urban fantasy, pure fantasy, a coming of age tale, and something near steampunk in feel.”

“Phenomenal and captivating…”

“A multi-layered delight, with spellbinding scene setting, vivid descriptions and exquisite world-building…” 

“Masterfully written, this beautiful dangerous world isn’t like anything I have read before.”

“I can honestly say that this series is one of my favourite discoveries of the year!”

This boxed set includes the complete Confectioner Chronicle series, over 1,000 pages of reading pleasure! 

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