Phoenix Trafficked

An unstoppable curse. A despicable trade. Once shot to save innocent lives, including their own…

Phoenix Team’s victory over the Collectors has revealed a mysterious new enemy, the Authority, whose claws are buried deep within Veil Force. When a lead sends Zariya Chanji and the team to a supe trafficking operation buried deep in the Caribbean jungle, it’s up to Phoenix Team to shut it down for good. But the operation is protected by a powerful coven of dark witches, who won’t go down without a fight.

When Zariya triggers a dangerous curse, she has no choice but to travel behind enemy lines in the hope of finding a cure. Luiz and Daevin head into their own lion’s den in search of the magical allies they desperately need. With his team divided and time running out for Zariya, Konstantin is desperate to pull this one out of the fire, even if it means confronting a ghost from his own past.