Phoenix Betrayed

A shocking betrayal. A leader fading fast. It may take divine intervention to see them through…

Falsely accused of betraying Veil Force, Phoenix Team is forced to flee to an unlikely haven—the home of demi-god member Rexsis Ahmad. Yet Rex’s return triggers uncontainable powers that will keep him from ever returning to Earth, and Konstantin’s condition is grave—throwing his and Zariya’s future into question.

Determined to clear their names, a beleaguered Phoenix Team devises a plot to break into MASC headquarters and secure the help they need. But unbeknownst to them, a darker enemy is waiting in the wings, and their plans play perfectly into his hands. With help from some alluring allies, Phoenix Team will have one shot to expose the true traitor, bring the team home, and secure Zariya and Konstantin’s happy ever after.