The war of art

The War of Art: Overcoming Resistance

Two weeks ago, I finished writing my fourth novel. I set an ambitious pace for myself--2,000 words a day, or a whole book in 40 days. For the most part, I stuck to my goal, and finished in 43 days. But the road to get there wasn't easy. Getting myself to sit down and...
World building

World Building: Going Deep versus Going Wide

I thought the following article was a helpful primer on the concept of world building, which is key in fantasy writing! This article is reprinted by permission of the author, Randy Ingermanson.   Award-winning novelist Randy Ingermanson, "the Snowflake Guy," publishes...
The Story Grid

Editing with the Story Grid

I'll be honest. One of my biggest challenges as an author is editing. First drafts are easy. It's pure creativity, dumping words on the page like sand into a sandbox. When you start editing, you have to turn that sand into the complex and well-thought-out sandcastle...
Chick's Guide to Writing Dudes

The Chick’s Guide to Writing Dudes

My WIP Sunburner is my second novel, but it's the first where I'm writing from a male point of view. In my first novel, Moonburner, the entire book was from the protagonist Kai's POV. Now, about 2/3rds of the story is from Kai's POV, while the rest is from the...

The Novella: a Short Post on Short Novels

In preparation for launching Moonburner in a few months, I am drafting a short e-novella to accompany it. It will be a story that takes place in the same world as Moonburner and features a few of the same characters, and I plan to give it away for free to folks who...

First novel roundup: Lessons learned

As I embark on my second book, I have naturally been thinking about lessons learned. Am I better equipped to write the second book than my first, which I started a little over one year ago? I think so...I certainly hope so. Discovering my process, though somewhat...

Once more, with feeling

Is there anything more annoying than a whiny protagonist? I mean, maybe you shouldn't have taken on this "hero" bit if you didn't think you could handle a little hardship now and again! Oh sure, every protagonist hits rock bottom at one point. It's part of the story...

Conquering the query letter

Lask week I tackled writing a synopsis for my WIP. Not exactly easy! This week, I am working on query letters, a similarly despised but unavoidable aspect of writing (unless you self-publish...which is sounding very tempting...). Somehow, I feel like querying agents...

Starting on a Synopsis

My work in progress is off to beta readers for the next month. I have to say, I am thrilled to take a much-needed break from editing. I plan to spend the next month working on some other elements of the writing/publishing process, including: 1. Creating a synopsis for...

Robot Editing: Putting Editing Apps and Programs to the Test

Last week I posted about hiring a professional editor: when, why, how much. But there is another alternative. Editing programs. There are a lot of different editing programs out there. Not having any experience with the options, I tested out a few. Here are the...

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