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Why I Got my Rights back and Self-Published

I recently made the decision to terminate my contract with my indie publisher and re-self-publish my first novel, Moonburner. This post is to explain why! As many of you know, I published Moonburner last June with Soul Fire Press, a division of Christopher Matthews...
Get your book in libraries

How to Get your Book into the Library

Is there anything better than leaving the library with a big ol' stack of reading material? Free books, so magical! As a reader, I love the library. As an author, I was unsure how to get my book into the system. I knew I wanted to make it available to check out, but...
Five strategies for a great book launch

Five Strategies for a Great Book Launch

Moonburner has been out for a little over a month now, and I thought it was time to do a round-up post summarizing a few of my book launch efforts. Over the last month, a lot of friends have asked me: "How do you get people to read your book?" That question makes me...
Moonburner ACX Audiobook

Turn your Book into an Audiobook in Six Easy Steps!

Moonburner is becoming an audiobook! I've always loved audiobooks (check out an old post on it here), but my love has only deepened as my life has become more hectic. These days, a week may pass before I can find time to actually sit down with a book, but there are...
How to read and negotiate author contracts

How to Read and Negotiate Author Contracts

Check out my post on the Book Marketing Tools blog on How to Read and Negotiate Author Contracts! It was pretty fun combining my two areas of interest and expertise to write this article! Article reprinted below. The opinions and information contained in this article...
YA Book giveaway

Host your own Book Giveaway in Five Easy Steps

Congratulations to Lily Cooper of Tempe, Arizona, who is the winner of my first YA book giveaway! She'll have some awesome summer reading to do! This was my first attempt at a giveaway, and overall I'm pleased with the results. Doing something the first time always...

Five Ways to Market Your Book Daily (That Don’t Feel Like Marketing!)

Check out my guest post on the Book Marketing Tools blog: Five Ways to Market your Book Daily (that Don't feel like Marketing)! These are some of the small things I do on a weekly basis to feel like I'm making positive efforts on my book marketing efforts, while still...

Writing a Killer Back Cover Blurb

I received the edited first half of Moonburner from my publisher this weekend. It's starting to look like a real book! Now it's my turn to spend some quality time with my Chicago Manual of Style and make sure the text is perfect. In the meantime, the cover design and...

Marketing: Doubling Your Odds of Success

Thanks to Randy Ingermanson's Advanced Fiction Writing E-Zine for this great article that applies to so much more than book marketing... Anyone will tell you marketing is hard. Your odds of writing a best-seller are tiny. In any given year, more than a million books...

A Writer’s Dream Come True!

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email this morning to find out that I one of the publishers I queried wants to publish Moonburner!!! I am seriously on cloud nine. How am I supposed to get any work done today? More details soon to come...

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