Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m Claire Luana.

I started my author journey in 2014 when I decided to turn my love of reading into something more. After voraciously learning the basics of how to write fiction, I dove into writing my first book, Moonburner. I haven’t looked back! Moonburner was published in 2016 with Soul Fire Press, and the sequel, Sunburner, launches in August 2017. I’m also working on a new trilogy, and I’ve written the first book–The Confectioner’s Guild.

When I started writing, I knew I wanted to write the kind of books I love to read, which are primarily fantasy, and lately, a lot of young adult. I’m a lawyer for my day job, which means I spend my days using serious brainpower on serious stuff. In my free time, I want adventure, escape, and a little magic, and reading fantasy provides all of those! Sometimes, reality needs a little help.

I live in Seattle, Washington with my husband and two dogs. We spend a lot of time enjoying all the outdoorsy stuff Northwest has to offer–hiking, camping, skiing, and mountaineering. We both love to run distances and and are crazy enough to run marathons. I have an endless of bucket list of places I want to visit, so we travel as often as we can.

In my (little) remaining spare time, you can find me indulging such vices as drinking cheap wine, binge watching CW shows, listening to country music, and of course, reading!

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