Did it seem to anyone else like 2017 whizzed by? I for one can’t believe we are already solidly into 2018! But before we get too far, I thought I would take the time to revisit last year’s goals, and to plan for this upcoming year.

It’s nice to look back and realize I kicked some serious butt meeting last year’s goals! Here’s what I planned out for the year:

  • Consistently get up early to do my author work before I head to work
  • Finish revising Sunburner and publish it, with a goal of a June 2017 launch
  • Start a street team to help with the Sunburner launch
  • Finish editing The Confectioner’s Guild and submit to literary agents (and hopefully get an agent!)
  • Write the first draft of the sequel to The Confectioner’s Guild in November and December
  • Work on connecting with local schools and bookstores to do some in person events
  • Connect with more writers and authors in person, though attending the PNWA Conference and PNWA and SCWBI events
  • Grow my email list to 10,000, my Facebook following to 2,000 and my Twitter following to 5,000
  • Lastly: keep learning & keep reading!

In addition to meeting (most) of these goals, I took my rights back from my publisher and re-self published Moonburner (which was totally the right call); set up a publishing company, Live Edge Publishing; wrote an additional book, Starburner; and started a Bookstagram  account! I grew my mailing list to 13,000; successfully launched Sunburner; started having consistent 4-figure sales months; and successfully figured out a method that works for me for outlining before I write (a major factor in increasing writing speed). Whew! Also, after seeing how well my Moonburner Cycle is doing once I self-published it, I nixed the idea of getting an agent for Confectioner’s Guild, and plan to self-publish the trilogy. 

Next year I have an even more planned! I’ll be laser-focusing on writing, editing, and publishing more books.  My 2018 Goals:

  • Launch 4 books and a novella–Starburner in the spring, the Confectioner’s Guild trilogy in the fall (titled The Confectioner’s Guild; The Confectioner’s Coup; and The Confectioner’s Truth)  and the Confectioner’s Guild prequel novella, called The Confectioner’s Exile.
  • Write 500,000 words (that should be 6-7 more books!). I’ve got ideas bubbling for a few standalone novels, a fantasy series, and a romance series! 
  • Learn how to use Amazon and Facebook Ads to grow my business
  • Learn how to successfully dictate to increase my writing speed and process
  • Continue engaging my author platform–website, mailing list, street team, and social media
  • Continue learning and reading other books in my genre! I’m going to try to read more books by indie authors this year, and I’m toying with the idea of finding another author to collaborate with on a project

It’s an ambitious plan for the year, but I’m so excited to see what 2018 brings! I finally feel like I have this publishing/selling books thing *mostly* figured out, and can’t wait to just buckle down and write more books. Here’s to the best year ever!

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